Floodlit Night Sledging Meribel down the pistes

Night Sledging Meribel

Night Time Sledging in Meribel

Meribel is now offering night-time sledging! Sledging down closed ski slopes is perhaps the most fun you can have on snow. What feels like a very gentle beginner slope on a set of skis somehow turns into a death-defying racecourse when taken on a sledge. It's surprising how many people will go home within the week saying the sledging was their favourite part, adults and children alike!

Meribel sledging first started during the winter 2016 – 2017 and has expanded ever since. Don't be deceived by the tobogganing course being a green piste in the daytime, on a sledge at night it is a lightning fast and unbelievable fun.

Be warned though - sledging down an icy ski slope is dangerous. We see a disproportionately large amount of injuries caused by sledging accidents, so please do be careful! Read on to discover more about Meribel's evening sledging.

The Sledging Course

The Combes 1 chairlift in Meribel Mottaret is open up to mid station, then you sledge down the Himalaya green slope back down into the centre of Meribel Mottaret. This gives you a 2 km toboggan run!

How to get there

The sledging takes place in Meribel Mottaret. There are free buses up and back from Meribel Centre that run all evening, it's about a 10 minute ride. You can find information about the free buses around Meribel here (or just ask us!)

Renting Sledges

Most of the ski hire shops in Meribel Mottaret rate will rent out sledges for the evening. You can also rent from some of the ski hire shops in Meribel Centre as well take them up with you. You do need to book ahead though! It's very popular and they often run out of sledges to rent. When we did it last year it was €6 to rent a sledge for the evening.

Lift Passes

Access to the lift is not covered on your normal lift pass . It costs €6 for one run or €12 for the evening.

It is free for children under 11 who are accompanied by an adult.


To be allowed on the sledging run you must have:

We'd also recommend taking your goggles, and something to cover your face as you get lots of spray!

For Non-Sledgers

For those just wanting to watch, the piste used runs right into the centre of Meribel Mottaret so there are plenty of places to get a hot chocolate and watch it all going on. I must say again this is by no means a children-only event, there are more adults than children taking part!

Opening Hours and Dates

Opening Hours

It runs from 17:30 to 19:30.


The sledging runs every Thursday all season long.

It will also be open for these additional dates during the busier periods:

The tourist board have the usual disclaimers that dates may be subject to change, and it can be cancelled in case of bad weather or bad snow conditions.

Accompanying Small Children

We would not recommend any small children going down this on their own. It is genuinely very fast and there are quite a few things to crash into! You'd want to accompany any small children on this run.

For More Information

The Meribel tourist office page about night sledging can be found here

Meribel Tourist Office video of Night Sledging

Here's a little something from the tourist office to get you in the mood!

A few more sledging action shots...

Here are a few more shots of a couple of us doing some official testing of the floodlit tobogganing run.

As always if you've any questions about this,or would like us to book you some sledges, please do just ask.

Last Updated: 02 April 2020