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Meet the Delicious Mountain Team Harry, Inés, Sam, Ashley and Dylan

And Louise and Stuart, of course!

This season, we have rounded up some old flavours and mixed them with some exciting new ones for the best Delicious Mountain team cocktail ever... very pleased to introduce to you the following very fine folk...

Harry – Chalet Belmont Host

Guess who's back..?! Harry's back!

Ski chalet host in Meribel

We were over the moon when Harry got in touch in spring to express an interest in returning to DM for the 2019/2020 season.

Since leaving after his 2016/2017 season, Harry has been busy working in London as a consultant in construction recruitment. Whilst he has enjoyed city life, the lure of another winter season was too strong, and Harry has some mountainous plans for the future.

As those of you who stayed with us in 2016/2017 will know, Harry is a tip top chalet host. He is an excellent people person, brilliant at making guests feel at home and well looked after.

Take a look at just some of the comments about him from TripAdvisor.

"...the BEST host you could ask for ..."

"We thought Harry was simply the nicest guy ever, very genuine and so helpful..."

" morning Harry subtly pointed out that I had forgotten to put my salopettes on just before I headed out the door"

"Harry was the star of the team, great guy!"

Oh and, he's also a fabulous cook, a demon on the slopes, skiing or boarding and an excellent swimmer. This summer, Harry competed in his first Iron man in Hamburg in an amazing time raising lots of money for Anthony Nolan cancer charity.

Inés – Chalet Chouette Host

Ski chalet host in Meribel

We are super excited to have Inés on board for this season. She is a smiley bundle of energy and enthusiasm who will be coming to us from Buenos Aires where she has been working in education research and before that, she was a science teacher.

Inés grew up in Belgium, Italy, US and UK, picking up those languages along the way. She loves to travel and recently has combined teaching with work in China, Tanzania and Ghana. Inés is passionate about education and it certainly features in her longer-term plans.

Inés is a real foodie and believes that food has special powers, aside from bringing energy it can bring comfort and bring people together. Inés is such a clever lady who understands the importance of team work; we think she will take easily to hospitality and will be excellent at looking after the guests.

Inés is a keen snowboarder who is very much looking forward to improving and honing her skills over the season.

Sam – Chalet Belmont Chef

Ski chalet host in Meribel

Very pleased to introduce to you Sam!! Sam is taking a break from travelling the world as a Commissioning Engineer whilst she figures out her next move, which is extraordinarily lucky for us! Sam is an excellent cook, her enthusiasm for food came from her mum who loves to bake and cook everything from scratch. Sam loves the idea of friends and family coming together at mealtimes and enjoys creating a special occasion with delicious food, lovely people, and a warm ambience.

Sam has worked a previous winter season as a Chalet Chef/Host, single-handedly looking after all the guests in a chalet in Les Menuires. She relished looking after the guests, building relationships and making sure they had a great holiday. She has been described to us as a "ray of sunshine" who is "so enthusiastic and supportive of her team'. Excellent attributes we believe!

Sam is an excellent skier having skied all her life and having a part share in an apartment in Brides Les Bains.

Ashley – Chalet Driver and Host

Ski chalet host in Meribel

Yes, that's right folks, season X 2 for Ashley and DM and we couldn't be more thrilled. Quite simply, Ash is a ray of sunshine, she is super positive, and we know all the guests last season loved her. As driver, Ash is responsible for getting everyone to their ski lessons on time and picking them up from their favourite watering holes at the end of the day, making sure they are all back in time for a delicious dinner. She is an excellent team player and uses her previous experience to support the rest of the team in the chalets, cooking, prepping, cleaning and maybe, just occasionally testing the food too!

Ash and her boyfriend Lee have been on a mind-blowing adventure this summer, hiking 4270km from the Mexican border to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail. They've passed through 25 national forests and 7 national parks on the way and have overcome blisters, cuts, bruises and insect bites. They've seen all sorts of wildlife, drunk a lot of (restorative) beer and met many wonderful characters along the way. We cannot wait to hear more about their adventures this winter!

Dylan – Chalet Chouette Chef

Ski chalet host in Meribel

In Dylan's own words: I am an adventurer, an extrovert, who always looks on the brighter side of life.

Dylan grew up in South Africa, cutting his teeth in the family restaurant which served a Portuguese influenced menu. He can still remember watching his dad cooking heavenly smelling stocks and sauces that radiated throughout the restaurant.

Since then, Dylan's career has been in the kitchen and hospitality, an industry he is passionate about. His philosophy when it comes to customer care is: Be honest and never make excuses, remember the guest is always right and finally, create a welcoming, warm impression right from the start.

When Dylan arrived for his first winter in 2017, he had never seen snow let alone skied! Now approaching winter 3, it is safe to say, Dylan found another passion to add to the collection and, when he's not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, he can be found perfecting tricks in the park... you can't miss him... he's 6 foot, wears lary ski kit and slides around on the widest 188cm skis!