Stu and Lou from Delicious Mountain Stu and Lou from Delicious Mountain

Delicious Mountain Team 2017-18

Delicious Mountain Team


We are proud to introduce the new Delicious Mountain team: Katie, Jordan, Rowena, Mike, Kerry and of course Louise and Stuart.

Katie, along with her partner Jordan, and great friends Mike and girlfriend Kerry have been on a seasonaires marathon of two winters and two summer seasons back-to-back. Working in Morzine they have elevated their respective chalets to the top on TripAdvisor and have developed an enduring love for the mountains that keeps them coming back.

Jordan loves to cycle and has circumvented the 200+km of Lac Leman. But it is of course snowboarding that holds his heart along with cooking and providing great customer service.

His girlfriend Katie is a creative genius and loves to make things – jewellery, clothes, soft furnishings. Luckily for Delicious Mountain, her greatest passion is creating mouth-watering dishes to satisfy the discerning and the hungry.

Kerry is an accomplished chef and has been producing fabulous food for four seasons in Morzine as well as back ‘home’ in Aberdeen. She absolutely strives to be the best she can be at everything from running to baking! A keen skier from the age of eleven and going with family, school and university plus the winters in Morzine she is a great skier and would love to share her experiences with our guests.

Kerry’s partner Mike is, if possible an even greater skier than Kerry starting at the age of 3 on Scotland’s dry slopes then braving the windswept Highlands followed by holidays in the relatively benign European Alps. Mike has his grounding in customer service and will bring skills he has learned giving presentations on using dangerous equipment in the gas and oil sector alongside four seasons of hosting one of Morzines top chalets.

Rowena perfectly blends years of restaurant service with an organized brain the size of a planet and will be serving our guests even before they arrive in resort in a combined admin and hosting role. With a great lust for life Rowena has also been skiing since the age of eleven and has skied all over the globe taking her skills to the next level enrolling on in a ski instructors course in Australia. As a further testament to her coordination and balance Rowena is a great tap dancer with the slightly predicable nickname of Twinkle toes.

We hope you can join us and the fabulous new DM team this season in one of our beautiful chalets.