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By from Delicious Mountain

If you're new to skiing, it can be a really good idea to get a headstart, before you travel to your resort, to make sure you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals. As well as boosting your confidence, UK ski lessons can really help you get the most out of your ski holiday, making sure you spend more time skiing and less time falling over and wrestling with those blasted bindings!

For your first time skiing, lessons in a UK Ski Centre will help you to understand the basics: carrying your skis; clipping them on correctly; maintaining good posture; and so on. Within a couple of lessons, you'll be scooting along nicely and executing some snowplough turns.

Even if you've been skiing before, there can still be significant benefit to getting some lessons at your local dry-slope or other ski centre. Whether your last trip was a decade ago or a year ago, a little bit of time on skis before you depart can help to re-establish your confidence and remind you of those all-important details which are so easy to forget.

There are lots of ski centres in the UK: click on your nearest map marker to reveal details of your local centre.

Map of UK Ski Centres