Meribel Guide For Families

Meribel Guide For Families

Meribel for Families Skiing with kids in Meribel

It's never too early to introduce your young ones to the wonderful world of winter holidays. Especially in Meribel where there is so much to do.

Learning to ski

Private ski schools generally offer lessons from four years and up. At this age, kids can just about manage a two-hour lesson before their legs, body temperatures and attention spans give out.

The main French ski school (which also offers lessons in English) is called ESF. They offer two options for even younger age groups.

From 18 months to three years, Les Saturnins does not actually involve skiing. But an age-appropriate mix of outdoor and indoor play can introduce the format and the fundamentals of future lessons on the slopes. It also gives you or the grandparents some time to ski for yourself. Morning, afternoon and all-day packages are available.

Aged three to five years, kids can enjoy the ESF Piou-Piou package. This introduces skiing in a fun and accessible way: putting on boots and attaching skis leads to their first gentle descents and beyond. Before you know it, your little one is a skier. Phew, they don't hate it!

Other Activities

Meribel has much else to offer besides the skiing, of course. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration in planning your time as a family here in Meribel.



Cablecar rides

Treats Out


Games in Chalet

Ice Skating

Horse Sleigh


Best Snowman

Good to Know Childcare in Meribel

Childcare provision in Meribel is very good, with lots of companies to choose from. If you're unsure which is right for you, your chalet company will be able to recommend a local nanny to keep the kids entertained while you get a well-earned break on the slopes.

An experienced local nanny will know all the best spots in Meribel to keep the little ones entertained. As well as knowing the best places to go sledging, build a snowman or get the best ice cream in The Three Valleys, they will have a range of age-appropriate activities for indoors on bad-weather days.

Local Childcare Companies

Last Updated: 26 August 2020