Vegetables being prepared in Meribel Restaurant Vegetables being prepared in Meribel Restaurant

Eating out in Meribel

Here we are folks! A summary of our top picks of where to dine out in Meribel. If you are staying with us, then just let us know where you would like to eat  on chalet night off and we can get that booked in for you.

Fresh Prawns, Meribel Fresh Prawns, Meribel

Meribel Centre


G​REAT FOR​: pizzas, salads, steak in a modern setting (approx €25.00 a head)

See their website: L'Igloo

+33 (0)4 79 08 07 84


La Galette

GREAT FOR: Cheesy goodness, raclette and fondue in a traditional setting. Run by the same people as L'Igloo (approx €25.00 a head)

See their website: La Galette

33 (0)4 79 08 53 90

La Fromagerie

G​REAT FOR​: Can you guess??!! Great fondue, raclette and delicious charcuterie in a traditional setting. (approx €30.00 a head)

See their TripAdvisor: La Fromagerie

+3347908 5548

​​Le Savoy

GREAT FOR: Higher end bistro style​ French​ food in a modern chalet style setting. (approx €50.00 a head) Allow time for delicious cocktails in the bar downstairs before you dine.

See their Website: Le Savoy

+33(0)​47955 5550

Pate Platter Pate Platter

Morel/1600/Plateau/Rond Point

Chez Kiki

G​REAT FOR​: Grilled meats cooked on an open fire in the middle of the upstairs restaurant. Chez Kiki is a Meribel institution and although Monseir Kiki finally retired in 2015, his legacy lives on. The restaurant is just near the Morel chairlift (approx €40.00 a head)

See their Website: Chez Kiki

+33(0)​47955 5550

​T​saretta Spice

​GREAT FOR​: Something completely different! A contemporary Indian restaurant. Located up at Meribel 1600 opened with great reviews in 2017 - we LOVE it!! (approx €45.00 a head)

See their Website: T​saretta Spice

+33​(​0​)​4 79 08 61 00

Le Cepe

G​REAT FOR​: Mushroom lovers! A mushroomy themed menu served at this lovely restaurant up at Meribel plateau, just below Rond Point​. They gather a lot of the mushrooms themselves and preserve them to serve on the winter menu​ (approx €55.00 a head)

See their TripAdvisor: Le Cepe

+33​(0)47922 4608

Petit Onions

GREAT FOR: Atmosphere! A real locals place serving French bistro style food. If you end up there for lunch... try the croque monsieur, it is awesome! And why, you might ask, call a restaurant Petit Onions? It comes from the French expression 'Être aux petits oignons​ - to cook with little onions.'​ ​The culinary origin of this expression is pretty clear. When you cook a special dish, putting a lot of care and attention into it, one of the ingredients you might use i​s ​little onions. This idiom means “to be treated with a lot of care and attention”.

See their Website: Petit Onions

+33​(0)47908 6462

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