Luxury Ski Holidays in Meribel and the 3 Valleys Luxury Ski Holidays in Meribel and the 3 Valleys

Luxury Ski Holidays in the 3 Valleys

The 3 Valleys, a Luxury Ski Haven

The 3 Valleys has grown into the luxury ski capital of the French Alps over recent years. The ideal ski conditions, the abundance of Luxury Catered Chalets in Meribel, Courchevel and Saint Martin de Bellville as well as the ever growing bounty of Michelin Star Restaurants across the 3 Valleys has ensured that every luxury item, from the sublime to the ridiculous, can be found here.

The Apres Ski, especially, in Courchevel has become more and more extravagant recently. This is largely due to the influx of a super-rich, Russian market. Russia's richest men, billionaires such as Mikhail Prokhorov and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, are know to enjoy Ski Holidays in Courchevel. It's estimated that every January 20,000 wealthy Russians travel to Courchevel. With this as the main market it's little wonder that the prices of chalets and general goods have increased in the area. Almost as important as the great ski conditions are to people who visit the 3 Valleys is the Luxury Shopping. From Luxury Monobrand stores such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton in Courchevel to High-end Multibrand favourites such as Sport Boutique in Meribel.

Every aspect of a Ski Holiday can be turned into a luxury experience. If you're tired of having to wait for the rest of the passengers travelling in your Ski Transfer to show up, why not take a Luxury Ski Transfer? Here you can be taken from the airport to the 3 Valleys and back in complete comfort and privacy in a luxury car of your choice. Or to take it up to another level of extravagance you can hire your very own private Helicopter to the 3 Valleys. For practical reasons, you can tell yourself that the helicopter ride saved you 2 hours travel time from Geneva to Meribel but we all know that arriving in resort via helicopter just looks so much cooler.

Ski Transfers via Helicopter to the 3 Valleys Ski Transfers via Helicopter to the 3 Valleys

Below we take a look at some Luxury Ski Holiday items that have caught our eye over the years. Some that are only affordable in dreams and some that, even if we had the money, would still be too crazy to buy. From super decadent Ski Chalets, (one that costs €75,000 per week!), across the 3 Valleys to the world's most Ultra-Luxury set of skis, they're all here.

The World's Most Ultra-Luxury Skis

Other contenders that we stumbled upon when looking for the 'World's Most Ultra-Luxury Skis' include the Mamba and Lust editions of Carradan Skis. These skis have been developed to achieve the highest levels of flexibility and performance and come in at €16,000. Not quite as expensive, but two sets of skis sure to have luxury car enthusiasts purring are from Aston Martin and Ferrari. The Aston Martin special-edition "DBS Prague" are a mixture of aluminium, carbon and composites and are available in the signature Aston Martin car colours: Almond Green, Silver Blonde, Morning Frost White and Quantum Silver. A set of Aston Martin skis cost in the region of €1,500. Ferrari joined forces with legendary ski manufacturer Dynastar to create the Dynastar Ferrari FC 08. This ski is the pinnacle in a range developed by the two companies. Expect to pay €2,500 for a set.

Mamba and Lust editions of Carradan Skis Aston Martin Skis Dynastar Ferrari FC 08

In terms of price, there is one set of skis that leaves all others eating powder. The undisputed, heavy-weight champion of luxury skis is the Pinel & Pinel/Lacroix Ski Set. When your skis come in a package that looks like something a sniper would carry around in a spy movie you know the contents are going to be pretty awesome. When you hear that carbon fiber skis come in at a cool €57,000 you're just hoping they don't go missing at the airport. Although, if your paying €57,000 for skis it's more than likely you own the airport. Pinel & Pinel are the company behind the ultra slick looking trunk while Lacroix are the French ski company behind the production of the delights held within. You can somewhat justify the price by telling yourself that you didn't just buy a set of skis... There's also leather ski gloves, a pair of carbon fiber ski poles and ski goggles. The trunk is produced using full grain leather. Only ten of these were manufactured back in 2008 and were sold exclusivley from the Lacroix store in Courchevel.

Sport Boutique, Luxury Retail in Meribel Sport Boutique, Luxury Retail in Meribel

Lacroix Ski Set

Luxury Ski Equipment

Look good, feel good. Or so the saying goes. Nowhere is this more true than on the ski slopes of The Three Valleys where, at least for some, appearances really do matter a lot. The trip over to Courchevel can be a bit of a fashion parade.

Even for the rest of us, spoiling yourself once in a while still feels pretty good, right? For the latest ski fashion you can check out our guide to luxury shopping in the 3 Valleys.

Ski Boots

Daleboot's custom Ski Boots were originally designed for individuals that had unusual shoe sizes or who had a particular foot ailment. Over the years they have become popular as the custom Ski Boot of choice. Expect to pay €1,200.

Ski Poles

From the same company that produce the 'World's Most Ultra Luxury Skis' comes the 'World's Most Ultra Luxury Ski Poles', the Lacroix LX Telescopic Ski Poles, to be exact. They come in Black or White and retail at around €200.

Ski Goggles

Definitely the most luxurious, high-end ski goggles we could find are the Oakley Airwave. With an integrated GPS system and gauges showing your Max speed, jump distance & airtime. There's also a 'Friend Tracking System' and even a music playlist. Expect to pay: €700

Ski Helmet

Made from Bamboo, with a skin friendly interior and 3 individual air-chambers to control temperature, the Bogner Coconut Helmet really is the crème de la crème of the ski helmet world. Fashionably Old-School in design, it looks almost like a vintage American Football helmet, and cutting edge in terms of protection. Expect to pay: €750

Daleboot Custom Ski Boots Hot Tub in Super Affluent ski chalet Valentine, Meribel Bogner Coconut Helmet

Apres Ski Boot

From Swiss Luxury Fashion company Bally comes the Reindeer Himalayan Boot inspired by Tenzing Norgay (one of the first 2 individuals known to reached Mount Everest's summit.) The current boot, which is still made from reindeer fur, has a much lighter sole and is easier to lace than it's predecessor. Even though they are more likely to be seen in the fashion capitals of the world they are perfectly durable and snow friendly. Expect to pay: €2,100

Reindeer Himalayan Boot Reindeer Himalayan Boot

Bally Reindeer Himalayan Boot

Spend a Night 9,000 Feet above Courchevel

Until recently, If you heard that someone had spent a night in the Saulire Gondola, 9,000 feet above Courchevel, you might have assumed that the cable car had malfunctioned and they had to stay there till the next morning. However, quite the opposite is true, people are actually clamouring for the privilege. As part of AirBnB's 'A Night at' promotion the cable car is tranformed into a luxurious apartment complete with two beds, accommodating four people, dinner and the most stunning 360° panoramic views you can imagine! Definitely one for the bucket list.

Cable Car Air B and B Courchevel Cable Car Air B and B Courchevel

AirBnB, 9,000 Feet above Courchevel