How to get a Chalet Job

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Here at Delicious Mountain, we are often asked about chalet jobs - what roles are available; how to gain employment in the chalet industry and so on - so we thought we should post a little article to help any hopeful chalet hosts to take their first step.

There are lots of thing to consider, so we have broken it down into three main categories: how to find chalet work; how then to secure the jobs you find; and, finally, how to cook like a chalet host (you will often be expected to provide a sample menu when you go for an interview).

How to find chalet host jobs

There are many ways to find work as a seasonaire, and it is worth trying them all. Keep in mind that chalet companies tend to be very closely inter-connected: if one chalet company doesn't have a job for you, they might still know someone who does.

  1. Check out seasonaire job websites There are plenty about, but here are a few that you might want to look at:
  2. Email chalet companies directly. If a company has more than one chalet, then they have staff and will be interested in employing staff for this season or next. Keep in mind: just because they are not advertising on their own website does not mean that they are not recruiting. In many cases, they will know other companies which are looking for seasonaires, too.
  3. Apply to an agency There are several chalet job agencies which might be able to help you such as Silver Swan Chalet Recruitment Specialists
  4. Go social ! Most chalet companies will post up on their social media outlets when they need staff, so go to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and search for 'Chalet Host', 'seasonaire' or 'Chalet work' - you'll always find someone recruiting. One note of caution here is that social media are more effective for finding jobs than for making job applications: you should still contact the company by email. Keep in mind that, if you contact a company through social media, you are inviting them to look at your profile. Think carefully about what you do and don't want a future employer to see in your photos and status updates. A LinkedIn account might be effective for online networking and applying for season jobs, but Facebook perhaps less so.

If you contact companies directly, or find them through social media, then you'll be demonstrating your drive and initiative, which will help in selection (see below).

We are now recruiting

If you're special, we want you. Click here to find out about our current vacancies for chalet hosts and chefs.

How to get a Chalet Job - What are Chalet Companies Looking for?

If you are to work for a chalet company, then they are trusting you to be the smiling face of that company. Their guests will judge the whole company in no small part based on what they think of you. So the Chalet Company needs to be sure you are up to the job. Here are some things to think about when you are applying and preparing for inteviews:

Customer service experience really helps. Anything where you've been serving people or working with the public. So if you've an experience in customer-facing roles be sure to highlight it.

It's about personality. The companies are looking for someone who is warm, friendly & naturally good with people. This is the one of the most critical skills. All the experience in the world will not help if you turn up to the inteview frowning, who want's to be frowned at on their holiday?

Independent minds. You'll be left to work on your own a lot and to deal with anything that your chalet throws at you. From a client mentioning they are vegetarian just as you are serving the beef, to leaky showers and lost skis, you'll need to deal with whatever is thrown your way with a smile on your face. You should try to demonstrate how you can work things out, think on your feet.

Enjoy pleasing people. That will be your job, to make someone's holiday better. If you can demonstrate that you are the type of person who can think of those little extra touches the guest never even asked for, then you'll be hired without hesitation.

Cooking experience. There are plenty of non-cooking roles in chalets, but any cooking experience will help for sure.

Top Tip: Set your facebook privacy, or filter your comments and pictures! We could discuss if potential employers should look at social media profiles before recruiting someone, but in reality a lot are going to, whether you like it or not. So spend some time to make sure you are presenting your most employable side, or just set your privacy so they cannot see it.

Chalet Food Menus

For any cooking roles you'll often be asked to create a menu plan. For inspiration and tips on how to put together a suitable chalet menu, check out our chalet catering cookbook.