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Covid 19 Information Page

True Peace of Mind with our new Flexi Cancellation Policy

We have made it even easier for you to cancel. Our industry-leading Flexi Cancellation Policy gives you both financial security and complete peace of mind when booking your holiday.

Travel insurance companies are now covering some COVID-19 scenarios, but not all. With our Flexi Cancellation Policy, you can now book with confidence knowing that we are here for you should things change and you need to cancel or move your holiday.

Our Flexi Cancellation Policy: The Details

Our Flexi Cancellation Policy applies to any holiday between 1st Dec 2020 and 30th April 2021.

Cancelling before your balance payment

If you have only paid us your deposit (25% of total holiday price) then you can cancel for any reason at all and your deposit will be changed to a voucher for the 2021-2022 winter season.

Cancelling in the run up to your holiday

But what if you have to cancel last minute due to Covid related travel restrictions? Our Flexi Cancellation Policy is here for you.

You can cancel your holiday with us between 1 and 14 days before your holiday starts if any of these Covid-related travel restrictions below are in force, and your balance would be refunded and your deposit would be converted to a voucher with us for the 2021-2022 winter season.

Covid-related travel restrictions where you can cancel between 1 and 14 days before your holiday:

  1. Borders are closed so you cannot get to resort.
  2. The French authorities, either regional or national, require everyone to self-isolate or quarantine on arrival here in resort.
  3. Your country's authorities, either regional or national, require everyone to self-isolate or quarantine on arrival home.
  4. French authorities instruct us to close our chalets.

Extension to your rights

This is an extension to our standard terms, and does not diminish any of your current rights. Here's a comparison table.

Days Before departure Standard Cancellation Charge
(% of total holiday cost)
Flexi Cancellation Policy
(New for Winter 20-21)
60 days or more 25% (this is the deposit) 25% (deposit amount) turned to voucher
30 to 59 60% same as standard
15 to 29 90% same as standard
14 to 1 100% If these covid restrictions in place:
75% refunded (the balance)
25% as voucher (the deposit)
0 100% same as standard


If you book your holiday within 60 days of your holiday, we require the full holiday price to be paid upon booking. If you cancel as per the above we would give you a voucher for the standard deposit amount (25% of total holiday price) and would refund you the standard balance amount (75% of total holiday price).

You must inform us that you wish to cancel. You can do this right up to midnight the day before you are due to arrive in resort with us. This must be done in writing, by email is fine. There is no refund or voucher if you are a "no-show".

This is in addition to all your rights in our standard booking terms and conditions.

How to get cover for personal / party member specific travel restrictions

Our Covid Cancellation Policy is designed to cover you when governments put any of these covid-19 related travel restrictions in place population-wide. It does not cover you if you, or a party member, cannot travel due to being a close contact or displaying covid-19 symptoms, either before your holiday or in resort. Travel insurance companies are now offering such products and please make sure your travel insurance will cover you for these situations. Our aim here is to cover the above population-wide travel restrictions as travel insurance companies generally do not cover such scenarios.

What are we doing in our chalets?

Communal areas

All the communal areas will received a daily deep clean. This will include disinfecting frequently touched areas such as door handles, light switches, drawer handles, taps and other touched surfaces.


All bedrooms to be deep cleaned then sealed. This means they will be sanitised and then left for the guest to enter first.

Hand Sanitizer

There will be hand sanitiser available upon entry into the boot room / chalet which all guests and staff would be encouraged to use.


All staff members will wear masks in chalet. They will also wash hands regularly.


The Delicious mountain minibus will be cleaned and disinfected following every use. The driver will be wearing a mask.

What is Meribel resort doing?

You will find everything you need to know about whats happening in Meribel around Covid-19 on the official Meribel Covid page here.