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Mediterranean Carrot Rolls Mediterranean Carrot Rolls

Mediterranean Carrot Rolls

Mediterranean Carrot Rolls Recipe From the Delicious Mountain Chalet Company

The chef always groans when I say we are going to make these, they are a bit of a pain, but really worth it. Originally from the A-Z of AWT. Sometimes, we'll make a double or triple batch and, after they have been rolled in flour, transfer them on trays into a freezer. Once frozen, pop them into freezer bags and back into the freezer, take out when you need them. You'll need to completely defrost them before cooking.


1. Mash the carrots, if they seem really wet still, blot on a load of kitchen paper

2. In a bowl, mix with the remaining ingredients apart from the flour and oil. If it's still quite damp, add a few more breadcrumbs.

3. You want to be able to form small sausages easily

4. Heat a frying pan with a little oil and try a bit of the mixture to check for seasoning, adjust as necessary

5. Mould the mixture into small sausages or patties, using the flour to coat your hands to prevent sticking

6. Roll each piece in flour

7. Heat a frying pan with some vegetable oil and shallow fry the rolls on all sides until golden brown, then blot on some kitchen towel

8. Arrange on a plate and serve warm with some yogurt dip