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Meribel in the Media

Meribel is known throughout the world as one of the must-see ski resorts, and it is on any serious skiers to-visit list. This reputation has been upheld not only through local investment and word-of-mouth recommendations, but also with the help of national and online media. Pick up any Sunday newspaper in the weeks before the season starts and you will find travel supplements sparkling with images of pristine pistes and snow draped chalets. Foremost among these glistening reviews and recommendations will be Meribel in the Three Valleys.

If you've been to Meribel and experienced the skiing for yourself, you'll understand why the ski and travel writers love the resort so much. Quite simply, everyone does. In Meribel, there is something for everyone and, while it perhaps offers more in the way of luxury chalets than most other ski resorts, Meribel attracts skiers and snowboarders from all walks of life. Here is a sample of what the media have to say about our beloved ski resort.

Meribel in The Telegraph online

Meribel company, Alpine Ethos

The Telegraph: Meribel piste guide

Meribel Piste Guide
The Telegraph have recently earned the prestigious accolade of 'Travel Website of the Year', so we should pay close attention to their news and views about Meribel's pistes. Part of a broader series about the world's finest ski resorts, this piece takes a inside view of our favourite place to ski. In this article, Sophie Butler considers not only the best pistes, but also lots of important information about liftpasses, terrain parks, ski schools, snowboarding and other activities.

The Telegraph: Meribel Restaurants

Meribel Restaurants
If there's one thing journalists know about, it's where to get a good lunch in a fancy restaurant, so be sure to pay attention to this piece about Meribel's finest restaurants. The standard of catering in Meribel is very high indeed and we always strive to make the fine dining as much a focal point of your stay as the skiing itself. So, although you might not wish to try anything other than Delicious Mountain's finest fare, the staff night off will give you chance to try out Meribel's fantastic restaurants. If you're not sure whether to trust The Telegraph on something as important as chalet holiday dining, then just ask, we'd be very glad to direct you to the best places to eat out in Meribel.

The Telegraph: Bars and Nightlife

Meribel Bars and Nightlife
One of the really great things about a chalet holiday is that it allows you to opt in or out of the local nightlife. If you want to explore the resort and enjoy the apres ski, it's just a short walk to the resort centre, but if you'd rather stay warm by the fire and enjoy as soothing vin chaud, you can do just that: the chalet will provide a cosy haven for the week while the late-night revellers party hard. Of course, Meribel is well-known for its apres ski and resort atmosphere, and this makes it very popular with younger skiers who sometimes look for budget ski holidays, as well as the families who occupy its many luxury chalets. Here, Sophie Butlers takes one for the team and goes clubbing for the night.

Meribel on The Guardian's Website

The Guardian Travel

The Guardian: Insider's Guide to Meribel

Local Guide to Meribel
The Guardian don't live in Meribel so, wisely, they got a 'local', Robert Orton, to do the legwork when it came to choosing the best places to visit in Meribel ski resort. As part of a series in which "local experts reveal the inside-track to their favourite ski resorts", this piece gives the low-down not only on the great skiing Meribel has to offer, but also on the important details which make a ski holiday such a big treat. Robert tells us about the best places to get the hottest hot chocolate, the ultimate lunch, the best beer and so on. All important information if you're planning a decadent escape with Delicous Mountain.

The Guardian: In Search of French Meribel

Is Meribel still a French Resort?
Tim Robbins of the Guardian is on a mission to find out. Meribel and The Three Valleys are so popular with British skiers that you won't need to know a word of French to get by here. There are people who live in Meribel all year round who don't actually speak French. Of course, while this is a big attraction for many visitors, for some it is more of a reason to find other, less Anglophone climes. Tim Robbins had negative experiences of Meribel's apres ski scene and, perhaps too hastily, he decided that it was not the right resort for him. Living locally, we know just how varied Meribel is and what a shame it is that Robbins opted to miss out on so much of what the resort can offer. So it's definitely a good thing that this article brought him back to reconsider his take on the best ski resort of them all. Having come back, he concedes: "There is a reason we all cram into the place - the skiing is unrivalled. Meribel sits at the centre of the Trois Vallees, the world's biggest ski area, with 183 lifts and 600km of pistes. Intermediates can spend a week blasting about and never do the same run twice. Better still, there's incredible quality as well as quantity - the lifts are fast and modern, the pistes wide and well-marked and the quality of grooming sets the standard worldwide."

The Mirror and Meribel

Three Valleys Apres Ski

Letting your Hair down in Meribel
Ben Rankin of the Mirror Online visits Meribel as much for the party atmosphere which can be found here as for the skiing itself. Astonishingly enough, there are some people who travel out to resort every season with no intention of hitting the world-famous slopes even once. They do this not because of injury or age, which would perhaps be more comprehensible to us ski fanatics, but because they love the atmosphere of this amazing ski location. Ben Ranking meets the celebrities, goes to the parties, attends the festivals and generally has a great time in snowy Meribel. And who can blame him?